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Is Replacing an Interior Door Easy?

Is Replacing an Interior Door Easy?

The Challenge of Traditional Door Replacement:

Imagine deciding to replace an interior door in your home. You might think it's as simple as picking out a new door and screwing it into place, right? Unfortunately, traditional door installation methods are far from straightforward. They're often antiquated, fraught with challenges, and can turn what should be a simple task into a cumbersome ordeal.

Let's paint a picture of the typical DIY door replacement scenario. You head to a home improvement store, select a door, and bring it home, expecting a quick fix. But here's where the reality sets in. Traditional door installation is not a 'plug and play' process. Those doors aren't designed for easy installation. They often require significant adjustments, trimming, and alignment. Traditional door installation methods are outdated and often fail to provide the precision and ease that homeowners expect.

Is Replacing an Interior Door Easy?


Common issues include:

Inaccurate Measurements: Traditional methods can lead to gaps, light, and doors that stick, due to imprecise measurements.

Not Plug and Play:
Contrary to what many believe, you can't just pick up a door from a home improvement store and expect it to fit perfectly into your existing frame. These doors are not designed for a simple 'screw-in' installation. They often require significant adjustments, trimming, and hinge alignment, which can be beyond the skill set of the average home owner.

Outdated Tools and Techniques:
Relying on shims and manual tools often leads to suboptimal results, lacking the finesse and fit of a professionally installed door.

Improper Paint Application:
Using the wrong type of paint or failing to allow it to cure properly can result in doors that stick and paint that peels.

Messy and Time-Consuming:
Traditional installation can be disruptive, turning your home into a construction site with all the associated dust and inconvenience.

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The One Day Doors and Closets Method:

Now, let's shift gears and talk about how One Day Doors and Closets has revolutionized this process. We've streamlined door replacement into a precise, efficient, and hassle-free experience. Our innovative approach at One Day Doors and Closets streamlines the door replacement process:

Precision Measurement:
We measure your doorways to within 1/1000th of an inch, ensuring a precision fit and eliminating common issues like gaps and sticking.

No Need to Replace the Frame:
Our process allows for the replacement of your door without the need to change the existing frame, enhancing efficiency.

Factory Preparation:
Each door is prepared in our factory, where we handle cutting, painting, sanding, and thermal drying. This ensures the paint is perfectly cured and the door is ready for a seamless installation.

Efficient and Clean Installation:
Our expert team installs your doors quickly and cleanly. The doors arrive ready, with all hinges precisely aligned, significantly reducing installation time.

No Mess, No Fuss:
With our method, there's no messy construction at your home. We change all the doors in your home within a few hours, with minimal disruption.

Logistics Handled:
We manage all transportation and logistics, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.


The old ways of door installation are outdated. With One Day Doors and Closets, you get a modern, efficient, and precise door replacement experience. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional methods and welcome our revolutionary approach for quick, clean, and precision door installations every time.


Ready to experience the future of door replacement? Explore the precision and ease of One Day Doors and Closets. Say hello to doors that fit with precision, without the hassle. Contact us and get started today.