Are Open Floor Plans Going Out of Style?

Are Open Floor Plans Going Out of Style?

In the realm of home design, trends tend to ebb and flow, sometimes more rapidly than one might expect. Open floor plans have long been a staple of modern living, providing a sense of spaciousness and fluidity between common areas. Yet, in the wake of the 2020 pandemic, a noticeable shift has taken place, with homeowners yearning for distinct spaces to concentrate and maintain a work-life balance. The resurgence of "four walls" has come to the forefront, redefining our perspective on personal spaces in this new age of remote work. Are open floor plans going out of style?


A New Focus on Dedicated Spaces

With an emphasis on privacy and designated work areas, individuals can establish clear boundaries between their professional and personal lives. Furthermore, having separate spaces for relaxation and leisure allows for mental rejuvenation, fostering overall well-being and job satisfaction.


Balancing Openness and Privacy with Interior Doors

This evolving trend highlights the need to recognize the merits of both open concept designs and more defined living spaces. Open concepts are perfect for socializing and fostering a sense of togetherness, while divided spaces with interior doors offer increased privacy, noise reduction, and enhanced functionality.


Flexible Living with Interior Door Solutions

Innovative door designs cater to personal preferences and needs, striking a balance between open and enclosed spaces. Various door styles provide unique benefits, allowing for separation while maintaining an open feel or easy transition between rooms as desired.


Sliding Barn Doors: A space-saving solution with rustic charm, these doors glide along the wall rather than swing open. Customizable and available in various styles, they add character and warmth to any home.

Sliding Bedroom Barn Doors


Interior Pocket Doors: Concealable and unobtrusive, these doors disappear into the wall when open, providing a seamless look in tight quarters. Their minimalist design complements modern and contemporary interiors.


Glass Interior Doors: Maintaining an "open concept" feel, these doors allow natural light to flow between rooms and create a visual connection while still offering separation and noise reduction. Stylish and available in various designs, they enhance any home's aesthetic.

Glass Interior French Doors


White Interior Doors: Contributing to the open concept atmosphere, the light, neutral color creates an illusion of openness and continuity throughout the home. By blending with light-colored walls, they enhance natural light and maintain a bright, inviting space.


The Open Concept Dilemma

Design trends are ever-changing, and the most crucial aspect of any living space is that it caters to individual lifestyles and preferences. The decision to adopt an open concept or a more defined layout depends on personal needs and desires.


By incorporating various interior door designs and strategic color choices, homeowners can customize their living environments to suit their unique needs. These creative solutions combine the benefits of open concept living with the practicality and privacy of more defined spaces, ensuring that our homes remain both functional and visually appealing.

Home Office


The shift away from open concept homes highlights the evolving needs and desires of homeowners in a world where work and leisure coexist within the same space. By thoughtfully integrating both open and closed areas, we can create environments that support productivity, promote relaxation, and cater to our ever-changing lifestyles. With the right blend of open concept and well-defined spaces, homeowners can enjoy the best of both worlds, fostering a harmonious and adaptable living environment.


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