Our Sacramento, CA Location

One Day Doors & Closets

Get precision-cut and constructed storage solutions and gorgeous, customized doors from One Day Doors & Closets. We are an interior door and closet company in Sacramento, CA, known for our precision in building these custom products. We have 32+ retail showrooms in North America and we have installed over 1 million custom interior doors and closets. We’re thrilled to bring our services closer to the residents of Sacramento.

One of California’s fastest-growing cities, Sacramento is one of the best cities to live in the US. Its housing market is one of the most affordable in the state. Job opportunities are also abundant in Sacramento’s civil service, health, and agriculture sectors. Lastly, the city earned the moniker “City of Trees” because of the impressive three canopies that cover the city. Sacramento has the highest trees per capita in the US, so residents enjoy a gorgeous environment.

When you live in a beautiful and idyllic city, you’ll want your house to match the charm and appeal of your surroundings. With our customized interior doors and home storage system, One Day Doors & Closets can help you do that.

Bespoke Home Improvement

Improve the look and feel of your home by upgrading your interior doors and closets with our custom-made doors and storage solutions. We build custom doors so precisely that we can replace your old ones without changing the jambs, too. Meanwhile, our storage solutions can take your home organization to the next level. Browse our website for ideas on updating your interior design and keeping your home clutter-free.

Innovative Doors

You interact with doorways every day inside your home, so it is only fitting that you give it as much attention and consideration as the main rooms of your house. We offer a broad range of door styles and build doors using various materials. You may choose a design from our catalog or work with our designers to make custom doors that fit your vision.

Interior Doors

A brand new door can transform the look and feel of your rooms. You only need to find a style that matches the theme you have in mind. With our extensive catalog and expertise in customization, you’ll surely find the perfect custom interior doors for your home.

Closet Doors

You’d be surprised at how different your bedroom looks by simply replacing the doors with your built-in cabinets. One Day Doors & Closets has a vast catalog of designs that you can consider for your custom closet doors. We also build authentic wood, glass, or mirrored closet doors. Update the design of your bedroom or walk-in closet with our custom closet doors.

Barn Doors

Barn doors can add immense aesthetic value to your home. They are trendy and occupy very little space: instead of swinging in an arc, a barn door slides smoothly along the wall. You’ll need durable and high-quality tracks and rollers, though, and you can find them at One Day Doors & Closets.

Cyber Doors

Our custom interior doors are built accurately within 1/1,000th of an inch, thanks to cutting-edge 3D scanning technology. We also cut, assemble, and finish these doors in our factory using computerized numerical control (CNC) machines. As a result, each of our Cyber Doors fits perfectly without us having to change door jambs.

Door Styles

We offer a wide range of door designs with styles ranging from traditional beveled shaker doors to more trendy multi-glass-paneled doors. Our designs are timeless and classic: no matter which one you choose, the style and construction can stand the test of time. Browse our catalog, and you might find designs that match your interior design goals.

Door Hardware

Complete your interior design revamp by updating the hardware of your new and existing doors. We have a large variety of doorknobs and handles perfect for interior doors. We also have options for cabinets and closets. Your choice of doorknob will complete the look of your brand-new interior doors. If you need a professional’s input, our designers will be happy to help.

Custom Closets

Closets don’t just serve a practical purpose. They are also a prominent part of your bedroom and deserve your attention and eye for style. A walk-in closet, for example, can be a haven where you can enjoy quiet moments before starting your day. Of course, you keep all of your personal belongings and prized possessions in your closet, so it also has to be sturdy, durable, long-lasting, and secure.  

One Day Doors & Closets has the tools and knowledge to build custom closets that fulfill all of these and more. We customize walk-in and reach-in closets, children’s wardrobes, and utility storage systems. Learn more about our custom closets below.

Organize Your Home with One Day Doors & Closets

We offer a solution for homes with limited built-in closet space: customized storage systems designed and constructed by home improvement experts at One Day Doors & Closets. We use 3D scanning and CAD software to create cabinetry, open shelving, or a combination of both anywhere in your home. We’ll show you a lifelike preview of how your closet will look in your home, and if you have a few more design requests, we’ll incorporate them before locking in the final design. 

  • Custom Closets - Build walk-ins or reach-in closets to serve you and your family for years.
  • Home Organization Systems - Eliminate clutter in your home with custom closets designed with your belongings.
  • Garage Storage - Make the most of the underutilized space in your garage by building a utility storage system complete with a counter and foldable workbench.

All-In-One Installation

Bring harmony and order to your home with One Day Doors & Closets’ customized doors and closets. As an all-in-one interior door and closet company in Sacramento, CA, we handle all of the work involved, from measuring to designing to installing your closets. We have a One-Day Installation System for interior door installations and apply a similar process for our closet installation and replacement services.

Custom Designed in 3D Technology

One Day Doors & Closets harnesses technology to produce the best custom interior doors for Sacramento homes. We schedule a home visit for the first consultation, and on that same appointment, we will measure your doorways or closets using a 3D scanner. Our equipment has an accuracy of 1/1,000th of an inch and is one of the reasons our custom doors and cabinets are easy and quick to install. 

We also use CAD software to visualize the designs in 3D so that you’ll have a clear image of what your chosen designs would look like inside your home. Finally, we use CNC machines to cut the panels in precise dimensions.