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Locally owned and family run, we are proud to offer a great product and service to homeowners like you in the greater San Diego area. We make door replacement the best whole home improvement by making home transformations quick, easy and affordable.

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Customers

"3 TIME repeat customer. Can't say enough good things about this entire company including the owner, schedulers and installers."

"I hired Interior Door and Closet Company to design and install a custom closet. It came out gorgeous, and I absolutely love it! This was one of my favorite home improvements. Money well spent!"

"I can't say enough good things about this company! First, the product itself - very high quality and they have a patented system for the entire process that is the most efficient and effective system I've ever seen for any type of home renovation."

"Love this company and their all-around commitment to customer satisfaction!"

"I'm a rocket scientist in the aerospace industry. I have say that their system of scanning the doorways and creating a custom door for each doorway is absolutely genius and a revolution in the door industry (who would have thought the door industry could have a revolution?)"

We’re proud to be the first dealer to join One Day Doors & Closets and one of the original pioneers using their digital measuring technology. We’ve been servicing the San Diego area since 2012 and continue to grow our family owned business. We specialize in whole home interior door and closet organizer replacement using One Day’s installation system. We carry the full line of products which you can find in our showroom and as a factory dealer we’d be happy to give you a tour to see how they digitally cut and paint doors. It’s fascinating to see in action. We service residential, commercial and work especially close with local interior designers and contractors. Yes, contractors too! Since installations are so efficient we are constantly doing the doors and closets for new construction projects. But we enjoy our residential customers and interior designers the most as we get to see our end results in different styles of homes and hear from the owners about the work we do. We are very lucky to have customers return to us for multiple projects as well as referring us to their family and friends. It means so much to us that they refer us to others but most of all that they trust our work enough to use us again for their own home. As a small thank you, we give discounts to our repeat customers and gift cards if they referred us to a new client! We are proud to be part of the San Diego community, not just as a business but as a family where we live and raise our children. We take pride in the neighborhoods we live in and service and on behalf of the IDCC family, we look forward to meeting with you soon! Jeff Johnson GM Interior Door & Closet Company An Authorized Dealer of One Day Doors & Closets Schedule an appointment to visit our San Diego showroom and get an up-close look at the most popular interior and closet doors. You'll meet with an expert designer to go over the many door options (such as size, thickness, finish, sticking, hardware, etc) and collaborate on your home makeover design.
Conveniently located across the street from the Miramar Golf Course on Miramar Road and AleSmith Ct. One block east of the pyramid.