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Interior Door & Closet Company - San Diego

Give your home a transformation with One Day Doors & Closets. We are an interior door and closet company in San Diego with over 32 showroom locations all over the US. Our company is known for its 3D scanning and CNC machining capabilities for door and closet construction. If you live anywhere in San Diego, CA, we’ll be happy to help you design and replace your interior doors.

San Diego is a pleasant city to live in with its fantastic 70-degree weather, gorgeous beaches, palm tree-lined city streets, and friendly neighborhoods. There’s so much to do in the city, like outdoor activities, water sports, bar hopping at the city’s best breweries, trying out its 7,000+ restaurants, and more. 

Living in “America’s Finest City” will undoubtedly inspire you to make your home the finest it can be. One Day Doors & Closets, with our unmatched expertise in customized doors and closets, can make it happen.

Bespoke Home Improvement

One Day Doors & Closets is an interior door and closet company in San Diego. We specialize in customized interior doors and storage solutions for pantries, closets, and garages. We leverage 3D, computer-aided design (CAD), and computerized numerical control (CNC) technology to produce perfectly-fitting doors and cabinets that don’t require additional construction work during installation.

Innovative Doors

One way to give your home a makeover without spending a fortune is to replace your worn, tired-looking doors with more dynamic and stylish panels. Doors help set the mood of a room and ensure harmony between two differently-styled rooms. You’ll find many options here at One Day Doors & Closets that will suit your taste or inspire you to design custom doors unique to your home.

Interior Doors

We offer a catalog of over 35 interior door designs and a selection of materials that will surely satisfy your needs and design requirements. Our doors are made with style and functionality, and each one is digitally measured and precisely cut to fit your doorways. So on top of a hassle-free installation, you’ll get brand-new, custom interior doors that elevate your home’s interior design and atmosphere.

Closet Doors

Replacing your closet doors can dramatically change your bedroom’s design and ambiance. But instead of mass-produced closet doors, consider custom closet doors. Customization ensures that your replacement doors fit perfectly. You can also choose different materials like frosted glass or mirrored doors. Achieve a new and more exciting look for your bedroom or walk-in closets with our custom closet doors.

Barn Doors

Barn doors are trendy alternatives to traditional hinged doors. They look stylish, functional, and space-efficient. You can choose any one of our 35+ designs, and our construction team will make it into a barn door in the material of your choice. You can take your pick between an old-school wood barn doors or a posh-looking glass barn door.

Cyber Doors

Each of our cyber doors is measured with a 3D digital scanner and constructed with CNC machines. Cyber doors are the ultimate custom interior doors at One Day Doors & Closets. We make them with durable, quality materials that can last years and let clients hand-pick the design and hardware.

Door Styles

If you’re looking for popular door designs that easily fit into any interior design theme, we have many options for you to choose from. We have Beveled Shaker doors, Raised Panel doors, and Authentic Wood doors that we can custom-build to fit your home. These custom interior doors are perfect for traditional, classy homes (with elbow room for customization).

Door Hardware

Just as a door’s design can impact the look of a room, the hardware on custom doors can also have a noticeable effect on interior design. We offer a wide selection of door handles for closets and doorknobs of varying shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. So no matter the design of your doors, you’ll find door hardware that matches their style and make.

Custom Closets

Solve your clutter problems at home with One Day Doors & Closets’ storage solutions. We are an all-in-one interior door and closet company in San Diego that also customizes closets and shelving systems for residential properties. If you browse our Gallery, you’ll find many examples of the types of wardrobes that we make. We build pantries, walk-in closets, reach-in closets, cabinets, open shelving, and garage storage systems.

Storage Solutions that Maximize Your Closet and Garage

If clutter is a persistent problem in your home, we can build storage and closet systems to make organization easier for your household. One Day Doors & Closets can design closets, shelves, and cabinets anywhere in your home. We use digital 3D scanners and CAD software to create storage systems that fit seamlessly into your home, both in style and functionality.

  1. Custom Closets - Keep your personal belongings and valuables safe and in order with customized closets.
  2. Home Organization Systems - Eliminate clutter by creating ample storage space in key locations, like in hallways, attics, underneath staircases, etc.
  3. Garage Storage - Maximize your garage by building a custom shelving system for your power tools, large equipment, gardening implements, etc.

All-In-One Installation

We provide everything you need to install and repair custom doors and closets. We find quality wood, glass, and other materials, scan your doorways and storage spaces to get accurate measurements, and help interpret your vision into workable designs. We do all of the construction work in our factory and will only go to your home to install your doors and shelves – and we make sure to finish within the day!

Custom Designed in 3D Technology

We take customization to the next level by building doors and storage systems that fit perfectly into your door jambs and closets. Even when you choose a pre-made design from our catalog, we will still visit your home to take 3D scans and measurements. This is why we’re the better choice over mass-produced doors and closets: we make sure that anything you order from us will fit in your home. 

With our affordable and flexible doors and closets, you can transform your home with less hassle and no construction mess.