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Bexley Home Redone with 15 Marin 4-Panel Sq Top Doors

Evan Riley transformed a home in Bexley, OH with 15 Marin 4-Panel Sq Top doors. The whole house revamp done flawlessly and fast! Excited? Peek at our latest project results.

June 15th, 2024 in Bexley, OH

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In Bexley, OH, our recent project, spearheaded by Evan Riley, transformed a home with the installation of 15 new doors, enhancing both aesthetics and function. Each door, featuring the stylish Marin 4-Panel Square Top, was executed to fit precisely due to our advanced digital measuring and robotic cutting technology. This thorough approach enables a seamless installation process, all completed within a single day.

Our unique installation process begins at our facility where each door is meticulously prepared—cut, sanded, and painted. On installation day, our skilled team managed to replace all doors in just a few hours, a significant reduction from the typical 1-2 weeks. This project not only minimized disruption but also left the home mess-free, showcasing our commitment to efficiency and cleanliness.

Beyond rapid installation and a clean work environment, this project in Bexley offered remarkable affordability and quality. The doors, primed and painted in 'Extra White', were aligned and installed with perfected precision. Homeowners can now enjoy the enhanced beauty and functionality of their new doors without the hassle of prolonged construction or hidden costs.