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Big Change with 10 Pasadena/Craftsman Beveled Shaker Doors in Columbus OH

See Columbus, OH transformed! 10 Pasadena/Craftsman Beveled Shaker doors swiftly upgraded a home to chic. Quick, mess-free install by Evan Riley. 🚪✨

June 15th, 2024 in Columbus, OH

Customer review

In Columbus, OH, we've successfully completed an eye-catching door installation project under the guidance of Evan Riley, featuring ten beautiful "Pasadena/Craftsman Beveled Shaker 3-Pnl" doors. Each door, sporting a smooth Alabaster paint finish, was installed using our streamlined, less intrusive method—all within a single day.

Our process kicks off with precision: each door is digitally measured to ensure an exact fit, avoiding any potential issues during installation. We make no compromises on quality; every door is meticulously crafted at our facility using advanced CNC machinery. This precision ensures that each door fits perfectly into its designated space in your home, with a seamless and efficient installation process that follows.

The benefits of our process are manifold. Not only do homeowners enjoy a quick, hassle-free installation with no hidden costs, but they also get the luxury of a visually updated living space in just hours. This project in Columbus is just one example of how our innovative approach provides outstanding results with minimal disruption.