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Big Change with 18 Manhattan Doors in Indian Lake Home

Revamped 18 Manhattan doors transformed a home in Indian Lake OH! Each room sparkles anew—what a stunning make-over with zero fuss. Check the before and after!

June 16th, 2024 in Huntsville, OH

Our Before & After Photos


We recently completed a swift and efficient door installation project in Huntsville, OH, led by Evan Riley. Throughout the homes of our customers, we replaced a total of 18 doors, including various key locations like the master bedroom, bathrooms, and closets. The chosen doors, all Manhattan style, were selected for their solid core and painted a crisp Extra White to enhance the interior aesthetic harmoniously.

Our process sets us apart by utilizing cutting-edge 3D Measuring Technology, ensuring every door fits perfectly with a precision down to 1/1,000th of an inch. The doors were prepared in advance in our facility where they were expertly cut, sanded, and painted. This preparation allowed for a mess-free installation completed in less than a day – a sharp contrast to traditional methods that could take weeks.

The benefits of choosing our service are manifold. Not only did this project avoid any messy construction and disruption, but it was also cost-effective, with no hidden fees. The seamless operation from initial measurement to final installation fulfills our promise at One Day Doors & Clolosures of minimal disturbance, fantastic finish, and unmatched speed, all of which contribute to our high customer satisfaction and quality service reputation.