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Big Change with 4 Chelsea Interior Doors in Upper Arlington OH Home

Revamp alert in Upper Arlington, OH! 🚪 4 Chelsea doors later and voila – a fresh new look within hours. Tempted to try this simple update in your home?

June 15th, 2024 in Upper Arlington, OH

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We recently completed a fantastic door installation project in Upper Arlington, OH, transforming the aesthetics and functionality of a home with quick and expertly executed precision. Our process began with digital measurements using advanced 3D technology, ensuring each of the four new 'Chelsea' doors matched the existing frames down to 1/1000th of an inch for a perfect fit. Special thanks to Evan Riley, for guiding the homeowner through the selection process.

These doors, all installed in the family room, were prepared and finished off-site in our facility to minimize disruption and mess. Each door was meticulously primed, painted with a high-end finish in 'Extra White', and equipped with a standard core and single swing system. Our seamless installation process, completed in less than a day, left the homeowner with beautifully updated spaces without the usual hassle associated with home renovations.

The benefits of choosing One Day Doors & Closets include not only a quick installation but also an affordable and high-quality service that avoids the mess of traditional door replacement. Our comprehensive approach ensures that each door perfectly fits and aligns without the need for extensive modifications at home. This project, just like all others facilitated by One Day Doors & Closets, exemplifies our commitment to enhancing your home with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.