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Big Change with 6 Cape Cod Beveled Shaker 1-Panel Doors in Upper Arlington Condo

Just in! Upper Arlington, OH condo stunningly updated with 6 Cape Cod Beveled Shaker 1-Panel doors. Quick install, huge impact! See the transformation.

June 5th, 2024 in Upper Arlington, OH

We recently completed a door installation project in Upper Arlington, OH, transforming a residence with 6 new doors efficiently and effectively. Our client, guided by our expert Evan Riley, chose the stylish Cape Cod Beveled Shaker 1-Panel doors for their family area. These doors, customized to suit exact specifications through our advanced 3D measuring and robotic cutting technology, enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of the home.

Our installation process guarantees a perfect fit and quick completion, often within a single day. Here’s how we do it:

  • 3D Measuring Tech - Precision capture of door frames' dimensions ensures each door fits seamlessly.
  • Prepared In-House - Each door is meticulously crafted at our facility, leading to a mess-free installation at your home.
  • One Day Installation - Our professional team ensures all doors are installed smoothly and swiftly, minimizing any disruption to your daily activities.


This efficient and cost-effective approach not only offers minimal disruption but also enhances your home's value and appeal without the usual hassle of conventional door replacement. Our One Day Doors & Closets service promises and delivers high-quality, perfectly fitting doors with no hidden costs, and our involvement in “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” showcases our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.