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9 Floors Up in Grandview, Condo Stuns with Cape Cod Beveled Shaker Doors

Revamped a condo in Grandview Heights, OH with 5 Cape Cod Beveled Shaker 1-Panel doors. Quick install, huge impact. Imagine this update in your space!

June 15th, 2024 in Grandview Heights, OH

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Recently, our team completed a transformative door installation project in Grandview Heights, OH. Our unique one-day installation method yet again proved a success, showcasing the efficient replacement of five doors at a residence, spearheaded by Evan Riley. The selection included the elegant Cape Cod Beveled Shaker 1-Panel doors, custom-prepared to match the family room’s architectural aesthetics. Our no-mess, precise installation reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

One Day Doors & Closets' unmatched technology and process allowed us to quickly and accurately handle this project with minimal disruption. Our patented digital measuring system ensured each door fit perfectly within existing frames, maintaining the home’s charm while upgrading its functionality. Here's how we achieved seamless integration:

  • 3D Measuring Tech captured precise details for a flawless fit.
  • Robotic automation prepared each door in our facility, ensuring no mess at the client’s home.
  • Professional painting and finishing gave each door a durable and high-quality appearance.


The benefits of choosing One Day Doors & Clojured extend beyond just speedy installation. Our clients in Grandview Heights experienced firsthand the convenience and affordability of our services. With no hidden costs and all preparation work done offsite, our team managed the entire project efficiently, allowing the homeowner to enjoy their newly updated space without the hassle typically involved with door replacement. Our process guarantees not only a quick transformation but also a significant cost saving and a hassle-free experience.