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Extreme Makeover Whole-home Update in Carmichael CA

See how we completely transformed this home in Carmichael, CA with 10 custom-fitting, designer interior doors. A quick and mess-free installation by our expert team - check out the stunning before and after pictures!

September 27th, 2023 in Carmichael, CA

Our recent door installation project in Carmichael, CA was a huge success! Thanks to our quick and easy installation process, we were able to replace all 10 doors in the home in just a few hours, saving our clients time and money. Our patented digital measuring system ensured a custom fit for each door, with precision accuracy down to 1/1000th of an inch. Using high-tech CNC machinery, we cut each door with 18 unique blades, ensuring a consistent fit and eliminating any rubbing or excessive gaps. Our doors are professionally primed and painted with advanced coating paint, giving them a high-end factory finish. The installation process was smooth and hassle-free, with our team of professionals removing the old doors and installing the new ones in just one day. The result is a completely transformed and updated home with beautiful designer doors. In addition to the quick and easy process, our clients also enjoy other benefits such as no messy construction, personalized consultation, and unbeatable prices. We take care of all the project management and provide licensed and certified installers, ensuring 100% satisfaction guarantee. With no hidden costs and savings passed onto our clients, they truly love what these doors do for their homes.