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Featured Transformation: 8 Beveled Shaker 2-Panel Interior Doors Transform Home in Fair Oaks CA

Revitalize your home with our amazing technology and process! Check out this whole home makeover in Fair Oaks, CA featuring 8 Nantucket/Monroe Beveled Shaker 2-Panel doors.

December 12th, 2023 in Fair Oaks, CA

Customer review

One day doors did a fabulous job from start to finish. Monica provided excellent customer service and the guys who installed were amazing! My house is almost 70 years old and nothing is quit flush and the doors open and close so smoothly. I just love my new doors! Thank you!

We recently completed a door installation project in Fair Oaks, CA, with a total of 8 doors. Our salesperson guided the process and ensured everything went smoothly. Our unique process and high-tech system allowed us to replace all of the doors in a few hours, a fraction of the time it would typically take handymen or contractors. Our patented digital measuring system captured the exact geometry of the existing door frames, ensuring every door was custom-made to fit within 1/1000th of an inch. Cutting each door with robotic automation and using 18 unique blades guaranteed a consistent fit with no rubbing or excessive gaps. Our doors underwent a high-end factory finish, professionally primed, and painted with advanced coating paint. The doors were flash dried and thermally fused in an infrared oven. The complete installation was done in one day, with our professional team removing the old doors and installing the new ones, ensuring a perfect match, fit, alignment, and surface inspection. Our process is quick, easy, and affordable, offering a hassle-free experience with no hidden costs. You'll love the transformation a new set of designer doors brings to your home.