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Jaw-dropping Home Makeover in Citrus Heights CA with 4 Chelsea Interior Doors

Transform your home in Citrus Heights, CA with our amazing 3D measuring technology. In just a few hours, we installed 4 custom-fitting, designer doors with no mess. See the incredible before and after pictures!

October 24th, 2023 in Citrus Heights, CA

We recently completed a door installation project in Citrus Heights, CA, with a total of 4 doors.  Our unique process and high-tech system allowed us to replace all of the doors in the home in just a few hours, a fraction of the time it typically takes handymen and contractors. Here is a breakdown of our process: 1. Digitally Measured: We used a patented digital measuring system to capture the exact geometry of the existing door frames and locations of existing hardware within 1/1000th of an inch precision. This ensures that every door is custom-made to fit perfectly. 2. Cut With Robotic Automation: Each door was carefully cut on high-tech CNC machinery using 18 unique blades. All four sides of the door were evenly trimmed to ensure a consistent fit, eliminating rubbing on the jamb or excessive gaps. Locksets and hinge pockets were routered to match the existing frames, and every door was inspected, beveled, and sanded in air-controlled booths. 3. High-End Factory Finish: Our doors were professionally primed and painted with advanced coating paint, which was flash dried and thermally fused in an infrared oven. 4. Complete Installation, Done In One Day: Because every door was custom-made to fit and painted in our factory, the installation process was quick and easy with no messy construction. Our team of professionals quickly removed the old doors and carefully installed the new doors, ensuring match, fit, alignment, surface inspection, and handle/lockset installation. Once the installation was complete, every room in the home was completely transformed and updated with our One Day designer doors. In addition to the quick and easy installation process, our door replacement and installation services offer several benefits. Firstly, our cutting-edge 3D Measuring Technology ensures a perfect door fit, capturing details accuratly down to 1/1000th of an inch. Secondly, we make the process of selecting, personalizing, and replacing interior doors easy, with no messy construction and all the work done in-house. Finally, our prices are affordable with no hidden costs, as we take care of all the project management and provide licensed and professional installers. Our goal is to provide quality door replacements and installations while delivering a hassle-free experience to our clients.