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Jaw-dropping Whole-home Update in Placerville CA

Get inspired by this whole home makeover in Placerville, CA! 16 custom-fitted, designer interior doors were installed, transforming the space in just a few hours with no mess. Check out the incredible results!

January 18th, 2024 in Placerville, CA

We recently completed a door installation project in Placerville, CA, with a total of 16 doors. Our quick and easy installation process provides a seamless and high-quality result at a fraction of the cost and time compared to traditional methods. Our patented digital measuring system ensures precise accuracy, capturing the exact geometry of your existing door frames and hardware locations. The doors are then cut with robotic automation using high-tech CNC machinery, ensuring an even trim on all four sides for a perfect fit with no rubbing or excessive gaps. Our doors are professionally primed and painted with advanced coating paint, resulting in a high-end factory finish. The complete installation is done in just one day by our team of professionals, who remove the old doors and install the new ones with match, fit, alignment, surface inspection, and handle/lockset installation. With our doors, every room in your home is transformed and updated, creating a beautiful and fresh look. In addition to the quick and easy process, our door installation services offer several benefits. Our cutting-edge 3D measuring technology ensures a perfect door fit, capturing even the smallest details with accuracy down to 1/1000th of an inch. We also keep your existing door frames and door jambs, minimizing any disruption to your home. Our doors are precision-cut for a seamless installation and smooth-click shut, providing convenience and elegance. The entire process from selection to installation is easy, with no messy construction and a quick one-day installation by licensed and certified installers. We take care of all the mess and clean up afterwards. Our affordable prices include no hidden costs, as we handle all project management and provide professional installers, ensuring 100% satisfaction. Say goodbye to middleman mark-up fees, as we complete the job in our factory and pass the savings onto you. You will love the transformation our doors bring to your home.