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Jaw-dropping Whole-home Update in Sacramento CA

Sacramento, CA residents amazed as One Day Doors of Sacramento transformed a home with 2 Nantucket/Monroe Beveled Shaker 2-Panel doors. Witness the stunning before and after pictures!

February 17th, 2024 in Sacramento, CA

We recently completed a door installation project in Sacramento, CA, using our quick and easy process that provides numerous benefits. Our unique system allows us to replace all doors in a home within just a few hours, saving time compared to traditional handymen and contractors who can take 1-2 weeks. Our process starts with digitally measuring the existing door frames, ensuring custom-made doors that fit perfectly. The doors are cut using robotic automation and inspected for a consistent fit. They are then professionally primed and painted with advanced coating paint for a high-end factory finish. The complete installation is done in one day by our team of professionals, leaving you with a new and beautiful home. Our cutting-edge 3D measuring technology guarantees accuracy down to 1/1,000th of an inch, and our easy process includes no messy construction and one-day installation. Additionally, our services are affordable with no hidden costs, as we handle all project management and provide licensed and professional installers. You'll be impressed with the results our doors bring to your home.