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Home in Davis CA gets Makeover with Chelsea/Birkdale Doors

Revitalize your Davis, CA home with our amazing door installation process. See how 10 designer doors transformed this whole home in just one day!

November 15th, 2023 in Davis, CA

Customer review

A big uplift of our indoor doors from the 50s to an elegant, not only the look, but also the quality. Another very happy customer here. The whole process of picking up the door styles, taking detailed measurements and the installation has been performed in a very professional manner. Monika, Andrew and Adam, they know their products and service will be something you will look at and use every day. They have met and exceeded our expectations.

We recently completed a door installation project in Davis, CA. The project involved replacing a total of 10 doors in a home. Our unique process and high-tech system allowed us to complete the installation in just a few hours, a fraction of the time it would typically take handymen and contractors - 1-2 weeks. Our process begins with digitally measuring the existing door frames and hardware locations with precision accuracy, ensuring a custom-made fit for each door. Using robotic automation, the doors are cut and trimmed evenly on all four sides to eliminate rubbing on the jamb or excessive gaps. After being inspected, beveled, and sanded in air-controlled booths, the doors receive a high-end factory finish with advanced coating paint. Finally, our team of professionals remove the old doors and install the new ones, ensuring a match, fit, alignment, and handle/lockset installation. The result is a transformed home with beautiful, One Day designer doors. In addition to our quick and easy process, there are other benefits to choosing our services. Our cutting-edge 3D Measuring Technology guarantees a perfect door fit, down to 1/1,000th of an inch. We keep your existing door frames and jambs intact, ensuring a seamless installation and smooth-click shut. The entire process, from in-home visit to showroom consultation, is easy and hassle-free, with no messy construction and all preparation carried out in-house. Furthermore, our prices are unbeatable for quality door replacement and installation services, and we ensure there are no hidden costs. We handle all the project management, using our licensed, background-checked, and professional installers to guarantee 100% satisfaction. With our door installation services, you'll love what these doors do for your home.