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Door Installation

Door Installation

Done in One Day

As Featured On Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Residential door replacement has always been messy, complicated, expensive and time-consuming. So, it’s one project homeowners shy away from.

With our proprietary systems and technology, we’ve taken a project that typically takes 1-2 weeks of messy on-site construction and transformed it into a simple, convenient process that can be completed within a few hours in the home.

Our process begins by measuring each door opening with a unique 3D measuring device that captures the geometry of the opening as well as the locations of the hinges and lockset of the existing opening. Using proprietary software, the measurement data is sent to One Day Doors & Closets CNC machine where each door is precisely cut, accounting for any irregularities in the existing frame, such as bowing or shifting.

The doors are then factory painted with high-grade Sherwin Williams paint, specifically designed for oven curing to ensure a finish that is five times more durable than traditional residential paint.

We do the work in our factory, enabling us to install new doors and locksets for your entire home in just one day, with no mess.

In the Home

Digitally Measured

We use a patented digital measurement scanner to evaluate your existing door frames with precision accuracy – within 1/1000th of an inch.

The Old Way: Tape Measuring – 1/16th inch accuracy.


In Our Factory

Factory Handled

Doors are carefully batched and stored in our 60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, ensuring they are never damaged.

The Old Way: Stored in the Home – Messy and obtrusive.


In Our Factory

Cut With Robotic Automation

Doors are carefully cut on high-tech CNC machinery using 18 unique blades

The Old Way: Manual Cutting – 1/4 inch accuracy.


In Our Factory

Precisely Trimmed

All 4 sides are evenly planed, leaving a perfect 1/4 inch reveal between the door and frame.

The Old Way: Manual Shaving – Uneven edges and gaps.


In Our Factory

Routered Locksets & Hinge Pockets

Locksets and hinge pockets are digitally routered to exactly match your existing frames.

The Old Way: Hammer & Chisel – Inaccurate and less durable


In Our Factory

Rotary Sanded in Controlled Environment

Every door is inspected, beveled, and sanded smooth in air-controlled booths.

The Old Way: Manual Sanding – Uneven planning, beveling, with large amounts of dust.


In Our Factory

Factory Painted

Doors are professionally primed and painted with commercial grade paint manufactured by the Sherwin-Williams advanced coatings division.

The Old Way: Consumer Grade Brush/Spray Painting – Uneven application, dripping, with low durability.


In Our Factory

Flash Dried

Paint is oven cured for thermal fusion immediately after application.

The Old Way: Environmentally Dried – Dust, paint application marks from brush or roller.


In the Home

Prepared Without Demolition

On the day of installation, certified installers carefully remove old doors and begin the installation process.

The Old Way: Requires Demolition – Messy, noisy and causes damage to the home.


In the Home

Complete Installation!

Our team of professionals carefully installs your doors, ensuring match, fit, alignment, surface inspection and handle/lockset installation.

The Old Way: Requires Frame Removal – Removing frames increases time and cost for replacement and may compromise decorative trim casing or flooring.



Done in Just One Day!

We’re in and out in a fraction of the time it takes contractors or handymen, saving you time and hassle.

The Old Way: 2-3 Weeks – Added cost for time off from work to supervise the project.


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