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Interior Door and Closet Company - Los Angeles

One Day Doors and Closets is the interior door and closet company Los Angeles homeowners turn to for value-adding door and closet installations. Aided with innovative designs and CNC machining technology, we create custom doors and closets – perfect additions for homes in scenic LA. 

Los Angeles is famous worldwide for being the heart of Hollywood. Many of the country’s most accomplished filmmakers, producers, actors and television personalities live in the city. But even without its glamorous reputation, residents welcome opportunities to make their homes even more beautiful and comfortable with a personal touch. 

One Day Doors and Closets offers top-notch custom doors in LA. Our professional designers can help you choose the best options suited to your preferences. 

Bespoke Home Improvement

As a family-owned and run, award-winning interior door and closet company LA, One Day Doors and Closets specializes in custom doors and transforming residential properties. Give your home a facelift and make it more comfortable with our organization service and custom closet and garage storage builds.

Custom Designed with 3D Technology

What sets us apart from other home improvement contractors is that we employ advanced technology to give you the best finished products. One Day Doors and Closets uses patented 3D measuring technology to get accurate dimensions of the doors and closets you want us to build. This technology allows us to custom-build with incredible accuracy – within 1/1,000th of an inch – and ensure that your doors won’t need any touch-ups on installation day.

Our 3D computer-aided design (CAD) modeling software also allows our designers to show digital illustrations of door and closet design ideas in your space. You will see exactly what we’re going to build for you before any work starts, so if you have some ideas in store, we can incorporate them into the plans, too. 

In the building process, we use high-tech computer numerical control (CNC) machinery to measure, cut, sand and apply high-end finish to your doors.

Innovative Doors

Doors are a significant aesthetic element in interior design, they can deliver a statement and give guests a glimpse of your interior style. 

We help you find custom doors that match your style preferences and will serve your home for years to come. Here are some of the doors we offer:

Closet Doors - Elevate the look and feel of your bedroom by replacing the old doors of your built-in closet with freshly-painted, beautifully designed, custom closet doors. Get a much-needed touch-up for your built-in wardrobe with a brand-new set of sliding, folding or glass-paneled custom closet doors. Enhancing your interior design is easy with One Day Doors and Closets as your interior door and closet company Los Angeles.   

Door Styles - With over 35 unique designs from our Barn Door Collection and Designer Collection to choose from, you can give your home a fresh look. All custom doors are crafted with precision, from the design to their construction. 


Door Hardware - A well-chosen doorknob can elevate a simple design. Choose from our selection of doorknobs with our custom-designed hardware featuring a wide range of styles, shades and textures. With us as your interior door and closet company LA, every door in your home will get as much attention in design and quality as your front door.

Custom Closets

With our interior door and closet company LA, your dream closet can become a reality. We design and build beautiful, functional wardrobes to meet your clothing storage needs. 

Whether you want to upgrade your closets to walk-ins or reach-ins, or enjoy the spaciousness of rounded corner hanging space, we are here to bring your vision to life.

Storage Solutions Made Perfect with 3D Technology

One Day Doors and Closets can help you get your home organized with our customized storage solutions. We use revolutionary 3D technology to get accurate measurements of your living space which, in turn, allows us to design space-efficient storage. If you’re looking to create versatile storage and workspace in your garage, our interior door and closet company Los Angeles can get everything done.

All-In-One Installation

One Day Doors and Closets has perfected the same-day installation service that leaves nothing behind but your brand-new, perfectly-fitting door. 

Our service begins with a consultation and house visit. We’ll get your input on the design and hardware – for your interior or closet doors – and offer a peek at what we can do for your space. If everything is to your liking, we’ll invite you to meet with one of our designers at our showroom so you can choose the style, material, hardware and other design specifications. You can expect a second visit from our crew, this time with a 3D measuring machine that takes accurate measurements of your doorways. 

Then, we craft your doors and closets to match your specifications and ensure their perfect dimensions. On the day of the installation, our crew will install your pre-finished doors and custom closets, ensuring a hassle free experience.