Our Process

Thanks to our revolutionary 3D measuring technology and simple 5-step process replacing your interior and closet doors is quick, easy, and affordable.

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Access Our Best Offers & Schedule a FREE Consultation

Amazing Results & A Revolutionary Process

We transform your whole home in just a few hours with revolutionary 3D technology and beautiful customized doors- all completed with no messy construction and at a fraction of the cost of traditional box stores. 

Step One

We begin by making a quick, 15-minute consultation visit to your home to confirm our technology and product is right for you. 

Step Two

If our offering is a good fit, you'll meet with one of our designers at our local One Day showroom to review styles, materials, product configurations, colors and many other design selections.

Step Three

Next a measure technician will use patented digital 3D measuring technology to scan each of your doorways’ unique dimensions, capturing and recording accurately within 1/1,000th of an inch. Like fingerprints, no two door openings are alike.

Step Four

Each of your doors are custom-milled and professionally painted in our factory, not your home. 

Step Five

On the day of your installation, our professional team of installers follow the One Day Installation System and precisely fit each custom-made door to its unique opening. Because of the level of customization and pre-finished doors, our installers are in and out of your home in a few hours with no mess or fuss.

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