What Is The Best Interior Door Color, and Why Is It Still White?

What Is The Best Interior Door Color, and Why Is It Still White?

Walking through homes in Nashville, Franklin, or nearby in Middle Tennessee, one detail often stands out: white interior doors. While design trends change, the allure of white doors remains timeless. Why does this classic shade still reign? Join us as we unravel the charm and practicality of white interior doors!


Why White Doors are Winning in Our Area

First things first. White is one of those easy-to-love colors. It can blend into any setting. So, whether your home feels like a country getaway or a slick city pad, white doors fit right in. From Nashville's upbeat downtown lofts to Franklin's family homes, white doors are the perfect match.


It’s More Than Just a Door

But these doors are doing more than just sitting there looking pretty. They have a job, and that's to make your space feel bigger and brighter. So, if your room is a bit on the small side or you don’t get a ton of sunlight, a white door can help. It's a simple trick but trust us, it makes a difference.


White is Middle Tennessee's favorite color.


Woman complimenting the doors.


The Clean Factor

Whether you live in Brentwood, or the Boro, we all love a home that feels clean and fresh. That's another reason white doors are a hit. But hey, let's be real. Tennessee summers can be hot and dusty. So, you might have to clean those white doors a bit more often. A quick wipe down does the trick.


Different Shades of White

Now, you might think white is just white, but oh no, there are choices! We offer everything from a bright 'Pure White' to a gentler 'Extra White.' So you can pick the shade that makes you feel most at home. Add some special door knobs or handles, and boom—you've got a door that tells a story.


What About Different Colors?

But hold on, white isn't the only option. Maybe you're the adventurous type? Some folks go for grays, blues, or even jet black doors. They look stunning but need a bit more cleaning. Dark colors show smudges and dust easier, so if you've got a busy household, keep that in mind.


Other colors can look great too!


The Future of White Doors

So you might be wondering, are white doors ever gonna go out of style? We hear this a lot. And we're happy to say that the answer is a big, loud "No!" White doors have a timeless charm that just works, year in, year out. They're a safe bet for any home in Middle Tennessee.


How We Help You Choose the Right Door

New to this and don’t know where to start? No worries. We use some really cool tech to measure your door spaces. It ensures a perfect fit, every single time. And guess what? We're your neighbors, serving all the way from Hendersonville to Spring Hill!


More Tips and Tricks

If you want more tips on making your home the best it can be, stick around and check out our other blogs. We love helping our Middle Tennessee friends create the homes of their dreams.


The Bottom Line

At One Day Doors and Closets, we help you pick the right doors and get them installed fast, with no stress. So why wait? Give your home the update it deserves.